18 August 2009

All For Sport and Our Hobby

Hi, today I'm feel so happy. in several days later I'll meet someone that I love..heumm, no patient more..!! hee.. Ups, I just make my self shy,.. Am I shy?..ehm,.. Not realy..!! hhhhh.., Sttsstt.. All right let's back to the topic, serius time..!!

In Someday my little cute Gadis call me from hongkong, she said "Hi, Hun may bring something for you?" ups, well.. spontanly I said "I just want your self with no shadow" *we laught each other.. *heheheehhee...Ssstt.. enough..!!

Gadis has team sport, and so do I. I like football but Gadis prefer to basketball. it's doesn't matter, we love our sport and our hobby. I like sport team, that learn me for do work by team with no ego, we do together for goal with tactic and strategy.

I have few soccer balls at home, I always play it with some friends. I collect my soccer balls but I play it too.. :) anyway, let me know you if you want to looking for some soccer balls, volley balls, basket balls or anything kind of balls with good quality and of course like your favorite.. just in here..!! All for your hobby here, all for your favorite sport.

just try it, and then you gonna say "eumm,.. All I need here..!!" :)


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Oleg, thanks anyway.. I appreciate it.. :)

hihi..kirain curhat tapi ternyata berbau $_$
kayaknya sih ini beraroma BV nih...

nice articel...

Well, very good what was telling.. congrat then. Good luck.

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